How to make a great first impression


I want to teach you how to break the ice and make a real impact when you meet someone for the first time. You only get one opportunity to make a first impression so you absolutely MUST make it count.

Always dress well and wear something you feel both comfortable and attractive in. You never know who you might bump into when you are out and about so be ready and prepared.
Don’t be afraid to say hello to someone.  Not everyone wants to be spoken to, but very few will ignore you completely. Life is too short not to take a few risks every now and again.

What you need to say and do to get the conversation going

1) Talk about your surroundings.

This is the one thing you both have in common.  If you are speed dating, you can find out if it’s their first time or ask if they are enjoying their coffee.

2) Be topical.

Read the day’s newspaper to find out what’s going on in the world. You will then have a wider range of talking points. Keep it to light topics such as celebrity gossip and avoid politics.  I always advise men to buy the latest female magazines so they can discuss popular culture and the latest television news.

3) Ask questions.

Make sure these aren’t questions that could be answered by a quick yes or no. The idea is to get them thinking, so ask them something that they have to answer in detail. So rather than ask if they have any brothers and sisters, ask them to tell you about their childhood memories.

4) Don’t be serious.

Using humour can really help to break the ice. A little gentle teasing should normally go down well, but never be rude or sarcastic. You don’t need to learn lots of comedy routines or jokes, but use observational comments to get a bit of banter between you.

5) Be patient.

Don’t rush them or act annoyed if they don’t want to discuss things at your pace. They may take time to open up but it could well be worth waiting for.

6) Be strong.

Charismatic people are always firm and stick to what they believe in. Sit up straight and don’t fold your arms. Place your palms face up and you’ll look friendlier.

7) Learn to relax.

Keep calm and enjoy the moment and others around you will do the same. If they see you are in a contented mood then they’ll want to be part of it too.

8) Show an interest.

People like people who like them. It’s that simple. Your goal is to find some common ground and things you have in common, so get them to open up about their hobbies and passions. Most people light up more when they are discussing something that makes them happy.

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