No Longer Allowing Women to Crush Your Self-Esteem 

Now that you are aware that when a woman is dramatic, unreasonable, and bratty, she is testing you, it is time to learn how to deal with it.

First, you need to understand the hot buttons that affect a man’s emotions when they are testing a man. You shouldn’t be surprised that women are trying to mess with your emotions when they test you.  Many women start testing right from the get go.

The first tests are usually relatively minor, and as the relationship becomes more serious, the tests are more serious.  And, the tests continue throughout the course of the relationship. Women need assurance and security, they must know that the man they are with is someone that they are safe and secure with.  She will continue these tests throughout her relationship with a man to ensure he is the same man that she was attracted to.

This is no reason to get discouraged.  You just need to learn how to “pass” the tests. In fact, when you know how to pass the tests, they can be quite fun.  It is important that you realize that these tests are designed to play on a man’s emotions.

If you think to yourself this is highly unfair, then there is something you need to consider.  Since the beginning of times, women have been at a disadvantage to men.  Women are not as physically strong as men so they are able to get what they want by intimidation or force.  For centuries women have also been in social positions which have denied them power and independence.  It has been necessary for women to resort to other methods for them to get what they want.  And, this is the reason for manipulating a man’s emotions.

Knowing this, you realize that there is no reason to be upset with her for testing you to determine your confidence as a man. Testing is a method woman has depended on since early times, and when you know how to handle the situation, you aren’t at a disadvantage.  If you want desirable results with women you will need emotional fortitude which is a sign of maturity. Let’s take a deeper look at emotional fortitude to keep you on track and the levels of insecurity in women.

1) become your own standard

One test that women are known to toss at a man is a test that questions his sense of personal value.  She might criticize or tease him, and the test can be anything from light and humorous to downright rigorous jabs to his esteem.  If you do not handle criticism well, it is because you allow the other person to determine your self-worth.  The cure for this is not to question your value. In other words, become your own standard.

2) Don’t Take Her Tests Seriously

The best way to “pass” a woman’s test is not to play along.  When she starts to test you, tease her that she is testing you.  Turn it into a joke.  While you are humorous, be confident.  When you are able to tease a woman about ing you, you are turning the tables, and you have control of the situation.  This will let her know that you are a confident man that is not easy to crumble- and this is what women are attractive to!