The 7 Biggest Mistakes destroy a relationship

Mistake 1: Doing Whatever She “Wants”

After reading this book you have likely come to the realization that women are not going to be direct about what they want.  By now you probably realize that women aren’t direct about what they want.  You will be tested.  Most men make the mistake of failing a woman’s test because they don’t understand what the tests are about.  They don’t understand that these tests create attraction.

Mistake 2: Trying to Impress Instead of Attract

Men that try to impress instead of attract are the men that are trying to win a woman’s attraction by wining and dining her and buying her nice things. The problem with this scenario is the man is communicating the wrong message. He is not depending on his ability to attract the woman with his personality, so, he tries to impress her with nice things.

Mistake 3: Being too Nice

As you read this book, you likely should have come to the realization that the nice guy who does just what she wants is not how to attract the woman.  It is necessary for a woman to know that a man is genuine.  The problem these nice guys have is they think they are being just what the woman wants when in reality they are trying to get what they want.  When a woman isn’t overpowered with the getting exactly what she wants, more attraction is built.  She has the security of knowing he is a man with confidence and that she can rely on.

Mistake 4: Going for the “Close” too Soon

Do not let anyone fool you.  Sex is just as important to women as it is men. The big difference is that women approach sex differently than men. They want sex to be romantic, spontaneous, and mysterious. Men on the other hand, treat sex much like a business deal.  Men have a tendency to want sex as soon as possible.  Women find this a turn off.  Little do these men realize that the more they hold back, the greater chance there will be of her initiating sex within the first few dates.

Mistake 5: Being too Available

If every time the woman calls you answer the phone, or jump through the hoops for her, you are making yourself too available. What this does is communicate the message that you don’t have a life other than her. Know look at that for a moment. What she’ll then see is that you don’t have social value.  Stick with your own agenda and let her know that she has to work / earn her way into your life. This will let her know that you are a man to win.

Mistake 6: Bragging

Bragging is much like trying to impress a woman to attract her.  Don’t brag! This is a total turn off and there is nothing attractive about it.  It also says that you are hiding insecurities and self-doubt.  It is much better to stay quite than to brag, as it shows you really aren’t that person you claim to be.

Mistake 7: Being Indecisive

Being indecisive is a terrible quality in a man and a quality that women don’t like. There is nothing worse than a man who doesn’t know what he wants and lets the woman make all the decisions.  He might disguise this with saying things like:  “Whatever you’d like to do is fine with me, baby.” Don’t forget that women want men with confidence and that take charge.  No woman wants to make all the decisions.  Being indecisive will land you in the friend