Top Four Places to Take Any Woman on a Date 


let’ get a bit into the dating scene. We’ll start with where to take a woman on a date. I am going to discuss five wonderful ideas and locations:

When you have the best understanding of how a woman thinks, how she estimates a man’s value, and how attraction is processed, the less important dating activities and locations become.

Do not misread this. This isn’t saying that even if you are a man of high value you can take a woman on a cheesy date. It is saying that you will be more important than the location or activity of the date. We all know people that seem to have a good time no matter where they go. This is what you want with a woman.

Men that don’t feel confident in their ability to create attraction with a woman have the tendency to feel that they need to plan an extravagant date. Women are not dumb to this, and this I not what necessarily attracts the woman. Sure, she likes nice things, but, she is also aware of men that lack the confidence to create attraction.

The man goes out of his using exterior things to create attraction, when what she really wants is to connect to the man to fulfill her needs for security and excitement.

Relax; I have some great date suggestions that might not sound like the “hot” date you had you had in mind. Realize that for a great date, you need to set the stage to let her see you are a man of high value, and to make a connection with her.

Date 1: Group Dancing Lessons

When I say group dance lessons I am not referring to a noisy club where you are screaming to hear one another. Take her to a dance studio that offers group dance lessons for partners such as ballroom dancing.

What’s the purpose of this date? Dancing is physical, it is touching, it is expressing, and it is the ideal way to bring you into contact with one another without having the intimidation of “should I”. Dancing is an ideal way to build attraction and to get comfortable with each other. It will also give you something to connect with one another, to further your conversation with one another, and to laugh about before, during, and after the date.

Date 2: Piano Bar

Piano bars can be the ideal date offering the best of both worlds- you have plenty of space for good conversation, and plenty of relaxation to not be concerned with keeping the conversation going. The mood is also a romantic mood, with a minimal noise level.

Get a little closer to your date by making the date a little more exciting by putting in requests for the pianist. Spark your date to also make some requests. This allows you to pick up on the other’s taste for music and to have something more to talk about.

Music is a great way to discover a person. Now, you can discover why they like the music as well. This is an opening to a conversation that can lead you to find out a great deal about a woman. She’ll likely tell you something about herself, as well. Music also has the power to help us with expressing ourselves, and sharing with people we aren’t close to.

Date 3: Mini Golf

If your date has a competitive side, this is the ideal date. Miniature golf is play, there is no real skill that is necessary, and it can be the ideal date to build sexual tension. Men and women have an interesting connection between competitiveness and sexuality, and mini golf can be a fun and intriguing way to bring out your date’s competitive side.

There is always the possibility that this is the first time she’s played miniature golf and that she is open to you teaching her how to use the club, which is the prime opportunity for physical contact.

Date 4: Amusement Parks

Amusement parks or fairs offer a date that is fun, and one that can be memorable for years. You have the enjoyment of sharing rides, winning her a stuffed animal, eating carnival foods, and plenty of time to share conversation. You will also discover her playful and fun side and get a better view of her personality.

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