The Power of a Positive Mental Attitude 


Have you ever wondered what the critical factor is when it comes to success?

What makes some people more successful than others?

If you measure success by outwardly achievement, then the answer is simple: The key to success is a positive mental attitude. Most people have it backwards.They believe that they must first have a good reason to feel happy. Many people unconsciously look at their current circumstances and think: Why should I feel happy?

They feel that they need to succeed in order to justify their happiness, when in reality, it is the very fact that they are unhappy that is holding them back from achieving  what they desire. No, I don’t mean that the actual definition of success is happiness.

I mean that money, power, recognition, and the lifestyle that you desire to live is only reachable when you learn how to feel happy for no reason.
It is the happiness you feel within that creates the external circumstances of your life, because only through inspired action do real results occur. The unhappy person is too busy feeling unhappy and unappreciative to let passion and positive emotions inspire them to action.

The action they do take is frustrating and yields no results, because it is coming from a place of lack. You cannot achieve abundance when you feel you are lacking.

This is something you need to keep in mind always. When you are not seeing the results you wish to see, ask yourself, “Am I operating from a place of abundance or from a place of lack?” What you see manifesting in your reality is always an accurate indication of what is going on within you.

Although our upbringing and past experiences play a role in determining our current attitudes, they do not determine our futures unless we let them. You can choose to either go through life like a leaf in the wind, or you can consciously choose to cultivate a positive attitude and control your own destiny. Being a victim of your past will certainly not serve you. You must learn to forgive, forget, and focus on the positive aspects of life. Later in this book, I will give you multiple strategies for maintaining the positive, forward-looking focus that is required for success in any endeavor.

It should also be noted that an underlying attitude of all successful people is that of responsibility. I have never in my life met or studied someone who was extremely successful that attributed their success to a mere series of fortunate events. All successful people take complete responsibility for their life and absolutely everything that happens to them. By doing so, they ensure that they remain in control of their lives at all times.

Successful people don’t succeed by accident. They succeed by design. If you believe that you are a victim of events that you cannot control, then you will go through life blaming people and circumstances for your failures. When you take 100% responsibility, you go through life asking, “How can I learn from this?” The person who feels they are the victim of circumstances spends their time feeling sorry for themselves and wondering why bad things happen to them.

Almost always, the negative circumstances of people’s lives are unconsciously created by their own negative attitudes.
The way you think is your own self-fulfilling prophecy. To get positive results, you must think positively.

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