Tips for staying relevant 

18th June 2019 buzzvibs 0

Train your idea muscle. Come up with 11 business ideas each day. They can be improvements related to your business or someone else’s, it doesn’t matter. The point is to keep your brain primed for solving challenges. Thinking is hard if […]

IMPORTANT: 10 Ways to Power Up Your Brain 

18th June 2019 buzzvibs 0

1. Exercise. Long term exercise can boost brainpower, which isn’t surprising. Anything that affects physical health in a positive way probably helps the brain too. Recent research, though, shows that cognitive function is improved immediately after […]

Postive Thinking

17th June 2019 buzzvibs 0

Years ago when I taught at an infant school, there was a big initiative onpositive thinking. We had to say please walk instead of don’t […]